Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pinoy Coffee Video Thursday #10: Coffee in the Philippines


This is a very informative video by GMA7 where they show coffee in three parts: a woman who drinks 10 cups a day (that is what she claims), a cupping expert who explains how there are different types of coffee beans here in the Philippines and last is interview with the owner of Figaro (Pacita Juan) as she explains the coffee industry here in the Philippines and how every Filipino can help support it.

They formed Kape Isla where they showcase different coffee products/brands from around the Philippines. You may purchase your local beans in their Serendra branch to show your support to our coffee industry.

Filipinos are really coffee drinkers and according to the video even the production of coffee beans here can't supply the demand within the country. We will have to plant more and plant more if we are hoping to supply our demand and those of other countries.

What next?

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