Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pinoy Coffee Mug Tuesday: Show Off Your Coffee Mugs (13th Mug)


Barako Coffee Mug Image

This is the Barako Mug by the emanila store in cafepress.com. They do have a lot of creative items in their store and they have something going there by using the word barako. It would be nicer if the mug fit the word barako more. I mean barako, as we know, is Coffee Liberica in the Philippines and it is known for its strong taste, powerful body and pungent odor. It is also often related to male strength and "machismo" that's why it would have been nice if the mug didn't look this smooth. Maybe something with a more rough texture will do. Nevertheless, it's still a creative idea to put barako in the mug and help promote it.

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