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List of Melamine-free milk products


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Milk goes well with coffee and as coffee lovers we have to make sure that what we put in our coffee is safe and melamine-free. As of October 13, 2008 here is a list done by the Philippines' Bureau of Food and Drugs of the latest milk products that tested negative for melamine:

1. Anchor Fresh Milk
2. Caidenly Biscuits (Milk Flavor)
3. Candyman Kendi Mint Chocolate Filled Center
4. Candyman Vi-Va Caramel Sweets Chocolate Filled Center
5. Dairy Champ Evaporada
6. DongGuan Bairong Chocolate Cream Biscuits
7. DongGuan Wanjiang Wan Fu Papaya Cookie
8. DongGuan Bairong Apple Biscuits
9. DongGuan Golden Paddyfield Giadenjy Biscuits
10. DongGuan Golden Paddyfield Little Biscuits
11. DongGuan Mayong Guang Feng Food
12. Engtian Layer Biscuits
13. Eugnitan Layer Biscuits
14. F&N Blue Cow Condensada
15. F&N Daisy Condensada
16. Farmhouse Skimmed Milk Powder
17. Fat & Thin Milky Soya Drink
18. Fudielai Biscuits
19. Keko Candy
20. Kyoto Cookies
21. Liu Wei Bang Lollipop Candy
22. M&M's Minis Chocolate Candies
23. Mai Wei Su Cookies
24. Milky Soya Milk Drink (Chocolate)
25. Milky Soya Milk Drink (Green Apple)
26. Milky Soya Milk Drink (Melon)
27. Milky Soya Milk Drink (Sweet Corn)
28. Pengtian Thin Cracker
29. Pokka Soy 4 U Soy Bean Drink
30. Prime Roast Calcium Enriched Nutritious Cereal
31. Prime Roast Oligosacharide Nutritious Cereal
32. Sally Sikaoqi Milk Candy
33. Sally Sikaoqi Coffee Candy
34. Sukacita Little Bear Biscuits (Chocolate flavor)
35. Suntree Coffee Candy
36. Tiong Hwa Soya Milk (unsweetened)
37. Vitasoy Calci Plus Healthy Soya Drink (Low Sugar Hi-Calcium Low Fat Cholesterol Free)
38. Yeo's Drink
39. Zhen Xin Sandwich Biscuits
40. Zhongshan Lewwa Food Jelly (Pudding)
41. Zhongshan Meihua Butter with Filling Cake

There are still more to be tested so let's wait for the results. For milk lovers out there, be sure to know what you are taking in. As they say it is better safe than sorry.

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